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  • Sumner Ball Transfers to suit Big V Jack
  • Sumner Big V Jack Basic
  • Sumner Fit Kit 2"-6"
  • Sumner Fit Kit-Large
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack Hi Jack
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack with Ball Transfer Head
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack with Roller Head
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack with Rubber Wheels Roller Head
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack with Stainless Roller Head
  • Sumner Fold-A-Jack with Stainless Vee Head
  • Sumner Hi Adjust a Roll with Steel Wheels
  • Sumner Pro Roll with Rubber Wheels
  • Sumner Pro Roll with Steel Wheels
  • Sumner Rubber Roller Head Kit to suit Big V Jack
  • Sumner Stainless Steel Roller Head Kit to suit Big V Jack
  • Sumner Stainless Steel Sleeves to suit Big V Jack
  • Sumner Ultra Clamps 127mm - 300mm
  • Sumner Ultra Clamps 25mm - 65mm
  • Sumner Ultra Clamps 50mm - 150mm
  • Sumner Ultra Fit 127mm-300mm
  • Sumner Ultra Fit 25mm-65mm
  • Sumner Ultra Fit 50mm-150mm
  • Sumner Ultra Qwik Clamp 50mm-150mm
  • Sumner Ultra Qwik Clamps 127mm-300mm

Welding Accessories

When you do any welding job - whether you are a professional or DIY welder - you need welding accessories. Not only enhance the correct accessories the welding process, but they protect you against burns and other welding hazards. 

 In this article, we briefly discuss welding safety gear, welding consumables, welding tools, welding machines, including MIG welder spare parts.

Welding Safety Gear

The welding safety gear you wear when you are welding is probably the most important accessory you should have. Unfortunately, safety-related accessories are also the accessories some welders neglect the most.  If in doubt about whether you are using the correct gear, seek advice from a reputable welding supplier, such as Bilba Industries.

Your safety gear should include at least a welding helmet, safety glasses and goggles, welding gloves and protective clothing such as a welding jacket and welding boots. You also need a respirator and a dust mask. 

Welding Consumables

When you weld, you are consuming welding material and you must ensure that you have enough of these consumables before you start with your welding job.  Depending on what type of welding you are doing, the consumables may differ. 

Check which consumables your welding technique needs and ensure that you have enough of the specific consumables. They may include electrodes, filler metals, flux-cored wires, Tungsten electrodes, and shielding gases.

Welding Tools

The welding tools you use are also very important accessories. If you don’t have the right accessories you cannot complete the welding job professionally. You'll need accessories such as welding clamps, chipping hammers, wire brushes, welding pliers, and magnetic squares.

Welding Machines

Usually, your welding machine is the most expensive accessory you have to buy. There are different types of welders and you use them for different types of jobs. 

  • Despite their differences, MIG and TIG welders have several similarities. Both of them use, for instance, an electric arc and a shielding gas. One difference is that MIG welders use a machine-fed solid wire and TIG welders use a non-consumable electrode with a filler rod.
  • Stick welders are AC, DC, or AC/DC. Which type you need depends on the job you want to do.  DIY welders often use AC stick welders.
  • You use a plasma cutter if you want to cut through electrically conductive materials. To achieve this, you use an accelerated jet of hot plasma.
  • With a multi-process welder, you can perform two or more welding processes.

Welding Accessories For Specific Applications

Welders use different welding accessories and welder parts for specific applications. For instance, you use different tools and accessories when you do automotive welding than when you do pipe welding. Sheet metal welding accessories are also different from the accessories you use when you do heavy-duty welding.

Welding Automation Accessories

Nowadays, more and more professional welders are using welding automation accessories. Automation makes your welding processes easier, more accurate and very professional.   

If you are involved with welding automation the accessories you’ll need include things like welding positioners and turntables. Welders also use welding sensors and welding manipulators. Welders even use welding robots already.


When you do a welding job you must ensure that you have all the necessary accessories and welding parts – the “fixed” accessories like the welding machine, the consumables, MIG welder spare parts, and very importantly, your personal safety gear.  

With the right accessories, you can do a professional welding job easily and safely. 

The welding accessory scene is constantly changing as the welding processes are changing. Welding automation accessories, for instance, are becoming more and more popular.


1. What are the most essential welding accessories for beginners?

A beginner can start with a welder machine, wire electrodes and/or gas, an angle grinder, welding pliers and clamps, and for personal safety a welding helmet and welding gloves.

2. Can I use any welding consumables with any welding machine?

Although you can use some consumables with any welding machine, there are specific consumables you have to use with certain welding machines. 

3. What factors should I consider when selecting welding automation accessories?

When selecting welding automation accessories you have to ensure that the accessories contribute to the automated welding systems by increasing deposition, reducing errors and enhancing weld quality and consistency.