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Kemppi Master M 205 Pulse Mig Welder

SKU: P519GX3AU + F000527
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The Master M 205 is a portable pulse MIG welder with 200 amps of power at a 40% duty cycle. 

Manual, synergic, and pulse MIG welding options available, along with stick and DC TIG welding options.

Intelligent welding parameter setting with Weld Assist. Includes 20 factory-installed welding programs for 1-MIG and 17 factory-installed welding programs for pulse MIG.

Welding programs include Fe, Ss, Al, CuSi, and CuAl materials. Suitable for generator use.


  • Versatile process selection with premium MIG/MAG, DC TIG, and stick welding options
  • Master M 205 includes a pulse MIG welding option with a 1-phase power supply
  • Lightweight and portable welders that are easy to carry anywhere
  • Ideal for tight workspaces
  • Master M 205: 17 pulse MIG welding programs and 20 1-MIG welding programs as a standard
  • Self-charging LED work lights for better worksite safety
  • Weld Assist feature for fast parameter setting
  • 40 % duty cycle
  • Compatible with generator


  • Master M 205 GM AU power Source
  • GX 305G 3.5m Mig Gun
  • Earth Lead
  • Drive Roller Kit
  • Regulator