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Automatic Single Straight Line Gas Cutting Machine

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Unimig Automatic Single Straight Line Gas Cutting Machine

The CG-30 is an affordable portable oxy fuel cutting machine. It is known around the world as one of the best portable cutting machines in the industry.

Features & Benefits

Performs high quality straight, circle and bevel cuts; single model includes 1 torch and 3 tips; dual model includes 2 torches and 6 tips; both include 1800mm (72in) rail

Stepless Drive System - Maintains constant travel speed even with high temperatures ensuring stable, trouble-free cutting

Multiple Use Oxy Fuel Machine - Performs straight line and optional circle oxy fuel cutting

Light Weight - 9.5 kgs (20.9 lbs), easy to carry and use yet rugged enough to be a true workhorse

Use on Radiagraph Track - Possible replacement for discontinued Radiagraph; user can use existing track

Extendable 1800mm (72in) Track Sections - Cut longer parts. 2 more pcs 1800mm tracks are recommended per set machine.

High Quality Tips - Superior design torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts

Optional Snap Valve - One-touch on/off gas valve

Model CG-30
Cutting Capacity:                                       5 to 60 mm
Bevels:                                                       0o to 45o
Straight Cuts:                                             1.8 m and multiples
Circle Cutting (Diameter):                           30 to 2400 mm
Cutting Speed:                                           180 to 800 mm/min (50HZ)
                                                                   100 to1000 mm/min (60HZ)
Torch:                                                          Injector Type to suit Acetylene / LPG
Gas Connection (Fuel LH & Oxygen RH):  1/4" G,91/6o
Gross Weight:                                            10 kgs w/1 torch.
                                                                   14.5kgs w/2 torches
Dimensions W/O rail (m):                           350x140x175