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WIA Cutmatic 45 Plasma Cutter

SKU: MC115-0
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From the workshop to on-site the Cutmatic 45 is highly portable and can go where you go. Capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, its serious cutting capabilities can effortlessly clean cut up to 16mm and server cut up to 20mm.

With up-to-date date technology, the Cutmatic 45 offers more than its competition, including power factor correction for maximum efficiency. Built with quality components and manufactured to deliver, you’ll get more than you pay for with the Cutmatic 45.

  • 45 A single phase plasma cutter
  • Fitted with a 15 Amp plug
  • Portable - Only 11kg
  • Power Factor Correction - Smooths out the actual input current. Maximises efficiency when welding on long leads or from generators
  • Plasma Torch with Pilot Arc Start - Designed for a safe and sound strike without high frequency
  • Water and Air Filter - Removes water in the air. Increases torch tip life
  • IP21S rated
  • Generator compatible – 8-10 kVa



  • Parker Surecut Torch (6m)
  • Torch Cutting Guide (1)
  • Heavy Duty Work Clamp (4m)
  • Electrode (1)
  • 0.8mm Tips (1)
  • 1.0mm Tips (1)
  • Optional Extra: Stand-off Cutting Buggy - SCP2551
  • Optional Extra: Circle Cutting Attachment Kit - SCP2550