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Powerful. Dependable. Safer.

If you are looking for a rugged, reliable and capable welder for a demanding mining or construction site, a dependable hire fleet or for a quick turnaround repair job, the Vantage® 580 has all the power you need and the safety features modern standards demand. New standard features include a battery isolator switch for safer maintenance procedures and a engine stop button to quickly shut the Vantage® 580 down in the event of an emergency.

Simple controls and Chopper Technology® deliver the low maintenance, long service life, easy operation and great arc performance every owner demands in these environments.

This multi-process powerhouse features 500 amps at 100%, or 525 amps at 60% duty cycle, tested at temperatures up to 40°C. Plenty of AC 240V & 415V auxiliary power – this unit delivers 20,000 watts.

You can depend on legendary engine reliability from Perkins® and superior Lincoln arc performance.


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored, Gouging


Advantage Lincoln

Simple to operate

– Select one of five Process Modes, including CC-Stick, CC-Pipe, CC-Gouging, Touch-StartTM TIG or CV Wire, and then dial in the desired output.

Optimised CC-Stick mode
- CC-Stick mode is optimised for general purpose and E7018 low hydrogen


Arc control adjustment

- Produces a soft, buttery arc or a more forceful, digging arc to suit your requirements.

Touch-StartTM DC TIG welding
- Provides easy arc starting that avoids tungsten contamination and the use of

high frequency.

20kVA of auxiliary power

- Able to power up to three inverter power sources to give you up to four stick electrode welding arcs for higher productivity. 240V and 415V IP66 rated outlets.

Digital Volt/Amp meters

- Built-in preset function makes it easy to precisely set your procedures.

Arc gouging

- Arc gouging with up to 13mm carbons.

- New carbon arc gouging waveform delivers improved gouging performance including VRD

Full instrumentation
- Fuel, oil pressure, engine temperature gauges and hour meter keep

you on top of monitoring engine performance.

• Perkins® 404D-22T Turbo diesel engine

- 43 horsepower, liquid-cooled, 4 cylinder Perkins® engine, includes automatic engine idler for greater fuel economy and reduced noise.

• VRD Device

- Factory-fitted, built-in voltage reduction device (VRD) offers additional protection for the operator. The VRD operates in the CC mode reducing the OCV to a safer <20 volts, increasing operator safety when welding is performed in environments with increased hazard of electric shock.

Stainless steel enclosure
- Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine access door

deliver added protection and durability.
Lincoln Electric’s 3-year, parts and labour warranty


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