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This powerful, professional STICK (MMA) machine is designed to be taken on the worksite or the workshop.

  • Packed full of advanced features including hot start, arc force and anti-stick
  • Capable of DC Lift Arc TIG for more versatility
  • A 5-year warranty to reflect our confidence in this machine

HD Backlit Interface
This next generation interface panel is bright and easy to
read in any environment.
DC Lift Arc TIG
Lift Arc ignition allows the arc to be started easily in DC
TIG by simply touching the tungsten to the workpiece
and lifting it up to start the arc. This stops the tungsten tip
sticking to the workpiece and breaking the tip from the
tungsten electrode.
Smart Fan
Smart Fan diminishes noise, saves power, helps reduce
energy costs, and minimises the number of contaminants
being pulled through the machine.

Advanced MMA Features
The RAZOR ARC 180 features Anti-Stick technology, as well
as adjustable Arc Force and Hot Start functionality. These
features are designed for improving weld quality and ease
of use.
Lightweight & Portable
Weighing just 5.8kg, the RAZOR ARC 180 is ready to go
anywhere you need it.

Package Contents

  • RAZOR ARC 180 PFC Welder
  • 4m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
  • 4m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
  • Operating Manual