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Unimig Razorweld 200 AC/DC Water Cooled Tig Welder Package

SKU: U12002K+U12004
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UNIMIG Razor 200 Amp AC/DC Water Cooled TIG Welder Package

Get incredible results from start to finish with this professional-grade TIG welder. Effortlessly weld any metal with the high-frequency AC/DC TIG. These welders are the ultimate combination of AC and DC available with Mixed Arc settings. With it, you get faster welding speeds, better penetration, a faster weld puddle on cold workpieces, and you can weld thicker materials. These welders are fit with a 10 AMP Power plug which allows to flexibility to use the machine almost anywhere!

The RAZOR TIG 200 AC/DC Water Cooler is the perfect accessory to maximise your TIG welding performance, especially at high amperages.

When combined with the T3W Water-Cooled TIG Torch, which uses our Bi-Flow™ Technology – high capacity cooling chambers that remove excessive heat at the source – you get greater performance from the TIG torch.


  • RAZOR TIG 200 AC/DC Welder
  • 4m T3W TIG Torch
  • 4m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
  • 4m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
  • Argon Flowmeter Regulator
  • 1.8m Gas Hose with fittings
  • Operating Manual
  • U12004 Razor Tig Cooler
  • Coolant


  • HD Backlit Interface - This next generation interface panel is bright & easy to read in any environment.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) - PFC gives you maximum electrical efficiency. It automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuation, & PFC is also designed to be generator friendly.
  • 10A Plug - A 10 AMP power plug can be used on any domestic outlet. It’s perfect for the DIY home handyman or the professional welder looking for a machine that can be used almost anywhere.
  • AC/DC - Weld every kind of metal. With the ability to run on an Alternating Current, you’re able to weld aluminium as effortlessly as mild & stainless steels.
  • High Frequency TIG - Maximise your results from start to finish. A high-frequency torch can start an arc without contacting the workpiece, reducing the risk of contaminating the tungsten or the weld. It also means you get access to the entire TIG weld cycle, including pre- & post-gas & up & down slope parameters.
  • Multiple AC Waveforms - Completely customise your aluminium welds. Switch between Sine, Square, & Triangle waves to change the arc characteristics, bead profile, & penetration to suit your weld.
  • Mixed AC/DC - Experience the best of both worlds. Mixed AC/DC combines the efficiency of AC & the penetration of DC- TIG in one weld. With it, you get faster welding speeds, better penetration, a faster weld puddle on cold workpieces, & you can weld thicker materials.
  • Pulse TIG - Minimise the heat input without compromising on any of the penetration. Alternating between a peak & base current reduces the amount of heat input & focuses the arc, perfect for sheet metals & out-of-position welding.
  • Foot Control Ready - The perfect accessory, easily adjust your amperage to suit every weld as you go without disrupting your torch movement.
  • Smart Fan - Smart Fan diminishes noise, saves power, helps reduce energy costs, & minimises the number of contaminants being pulled through the machine.
  • Advanced MMA Features - The RAZOR TIG 200 AC/DC features adjustable Arc Force & Hot Start functionality. These features are designed for improving weld quality & ease of use.