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The RAZOR CUT 45 is the perfect plasma cutter for the professional who wants a powerful machine with a portable body. Fitted with a 15 AMP plug, this machine is made for the workshop and worksite. The RAZOR CUT 45 boasts some serious cutting power with 16mm clean cut and 25mm severance.
HD Backlit Interface
This next generation interface panel is bright and easy to read in any environment.
Power Factor Correction
PFC gives you maximum electrical efficiency. It automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuation, and PFC is also designed to be generator friendly.
CNC Connectivity
Easy access front panel port for and adjustable feedback ratio for CNC connectivity.
Perforated Cut Mode
Now you can cut perforated metal without having to restart the arc between gaps. Simply shift into perforated cutting mode and slice through perforated metal with ease.
Pilot Arc Start Pilot Arc Start lets you start the arc before contacting the work piece. This gives you better control of the torch, especially on materials with uneven or curved surfaces.
2T/4T Trigger Modes
Designed for user preference and comfort, adjustable trigger modes allow you to either hold the trigger down throughout the cut, or use the trigger as a on/off switch by pulling to start and pulling to stop.
Smart Fan
Smart Fan diminishes noise, saves power, helps reduce energy costs, and minimises the number of contaminants being pulled through the machine.
Lightweight & Portable
Weighing just 10kg, the RAZOR CUT 45 is ready to go anywhere you need it
What's Included
  • RAZOR CUT 45 Plasma Cutter
  • 6m SC80 Plasma Torch
  • 4m 300 AMP Earth Clamp
  • Air Regulator
  • Operating Manual