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The UNIMIG RAZOR MULTI 230 AC/DC 4-in-1 is the latest and greatest addition to the RAZOR line, this machine can do any kind of welding you need it to. MIG, High-Frequency AC & DC TIG, as well as STICK, no matter what you’ve got planned, the RAZOR MULTI 230 AC/DC can do it.


  • Connect to any 10A or 15A outlet for even greater versatility. 10A mode limits the output of the machine to 200A, whereas 15A mode allows use of the full 230A in MIG
  • Smart Fan diminishes noise, saves power, helps reduce energy costs, and minimises the number of contaminants being pulled through the machine
  •  PFC gives you maximum electrical efficiency and automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuation
  • The job memory function allows you to enter and store weld parameter settings under job numbers. Weld parameters can be further adjusted and stored as required. A total of 20 Jobs can be memorised and stored for recall
  • 5" Colour LCD Screen - Change settings with ease with the intuitive screen controls and next- generation user interface
  • Going off the grid? The RAZOR MULTI 230 AC/DC can be connected to a generator, we recommend one with at least an 8.5kVA rating for 10A mode, 10kVA for 15A mode
  • Rated IP21, so it’s protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12mm, and water spray from a vertical direction
  • This machine supports the connection of both a wired or wireless foot control for extra versatility and convenience while welding. You can adjust your amperage hands-free to avoid disrupting your torch movement, and the wireless option reduces cables and adds greater manoeuvrability as well
  • With dual gas inputs for MIG and TIG gases, you can keep the machine setup for both processes, saving you time during setup when swapping between processes

MIG Features:

  • Setting up for a weld has never been easier, just set your wire, gas, joint type and material thickness and you’re ready to weld!
  • Get complete control over your MIG welds with a full set of adjustable parameters, such as pre- and post-gas flow, arc ignition speed, and burnback
  • This machine is Spool Gun ready, so you have the option of attaching a Spool Gun to run softer core wires such as Aluminium MIG wire. You don’t even need to change the setup of your existing torch or drive roller. The Spool Gun lets you quickly switch over to get the job done with no downtime
  • Finishing a weld has never been so easy with Crater Fill. It’ll ramp your welding current and voltage down at the end of a MIG weld so you can fill it in at a lower power, eliminating craters and pinholes. End your welds as strong as they started
  • This machine supports both gas-shielded MIG and gasless MIG, meaning you can run mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium as well as flux-cored MIG wires
  • Change the frequency of your short circuit MIG welds with the Inductance settings, so you can choose your preferred arc characteristics
  • Starting a MIG weld has never been so smooth with the Arc Start dual function. Set above 100% and the Hot Start gives you a boost in current at the start of your weld, eliminating issues with starting on cold metal, and makes welding on thicker materials easier. Set below 100% and Soft Start helps with edge arc ignition by starting at a lower current and ramping up when welding away from the edge
  • This machine features a geared roller drive unit, providing consistent and smooth wire feed, and it helps when using longer MIG torches

TIG Features:

  • SpotPlus improves the spot welding mode by applying an adjustable synergic pulsed program. The program speeds up the spot tacking process and is perfect for sheet metal fitups with gaps
  • ArcPlus keeps the volt amps constant by adjusting the welding current proportionally as the arc voltage increases or decreases during a weld. It helps give better puddle control when weaving, reduced heat input and increased side wall fusion
  • TackPlus allows you to preset a tacking procedure to reduce the time required for tack welding, and also reduces the heat input in the joint between tacks, improving the quality
  • FusionPlus is an advanced AC TIG feature that provides greater arc focus at high welding speeds, and provides deep penetration even at low AC frequencies
  • TIG weld aluminium without issues with AC. High Frequency TIG (H/F TIG) gives you more control when starting or stopping the arc and reduces the risk of contaminating the tungsten or the weld
  • Maintain complete control over your TIG welds with the RAZOR MULTI 230 AC/DC. The high frequency AC & DC TIG welding modes come with a full set of adjustable parameters, including pre- and post-flow, up and down slopes, as well as pulse. Everything you need, right at your fingertips
  • The easiest way to set up for a TIG weld, simply set your filler material, joint type and material thickness and you’re good to go!
  • Mixed AC/DC welding is the combination of TIG AC and TIG DC- in one weld. Mixed AC/DC gives you faster welding speeds, better penetration, a faster weld puddle on cold workpieces, and allows you to weld on thicker materials
  • Optimises the welding arc ignition in AC TIG based on the chosen tungsten diameter
  • Heat Control Trigger Mode lets you set a base current, which you can switch to at any time during a weld by pressing the trigger button. Heat Control Trigger Mode is great for manual heat input control as you go

MMA (STICK) Features:

  • You’ll be able to weld anything, including cellulosic electrodes
  • Pulse MMA (STICK) welding helps reduce spatter, improves heat control and allows for an easier removal of slag. It also improves the speed and efficiency of vertical up welds by eliminating the use of the “Christmas Tree” technique, while still maintaining root fusion
  • Hot Start increases the stability of your arc ignition, and prevents a lack of fusion at the start of the weld
  • Arc Force helps to keep the arc stabilised throughout the weld, by detecting any short circuits and increasing the peak current to prevent the arc cutting out or electrode sticking
  • Anti-stick prevents your electrode from sticking to your workpiece. When the machine detects sticking, the current will shut off and unstick the electrode


  • 1 x 4m SB24 MIG Torch
  • 1 x 4m ARC TORCHOLOGY T2 TIG Torch
  • 1 x 3m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
  • 1 x 3m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
  • 1 x Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
  • 1 x 2m Quick-connect Gas Hose
  • 1 x 15A to 10A Conversion Lead

Suitable for:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Silicon bronze
  • Aluminium
  • Copper


  • Primary input voltage: 240V Single Phase
  • Supply plug: 15amp
  • Ieff: 9.4/15A
  • Rated output:
    • 10A: 25A/15.3V-200A/24V
    • 15A: 25A/15.3V-230A/25.5V
  • Protection class: IP21
  • Insulation class: H
  • Minimum generator:
    • 10A: 8.5kVA
    • 15A: 10kVA
  • Dinse connector: 35/50
  • Standard: AS/NZ60974-1
  • Wire drive: Geared
  • VRD: Yes
  • Synergic programs: Yes
  • Burnback adjustment: Yes
  • Thermal overload protection: Yes
  • Power factor correction (PFC): Yes
  • MIG Welding:
    • Mig welding current range: 25-200a (10a) / 25-230a (15a)
    • Mig duty cycle @ 40°c: 10% @ 200a, 60% @ 81a, 100% @ 63a (10a) 25% @ 230a, 60% @ 187a, 100% @ 145a (15a)
    • Mig wire size range: 0.6-1.0mm
    • Mig wire spool size: 1kg / 5kg
    • Mig welding thickness range: 1-10mm
    • Drive roller size: 30/22
  • TIG Welding:
    • Tig function type: Ac/dc high-frequency
    • Tig welding current range: 10-200a
    • Tig duty cycle @ 40°c: 25% @ 200a, 60% @ 130a, 100% @ 100a (10/15a)
    • Tig welding thickness range: 1-8mm
  • STICK Welding:
    • Stick welding current range: 10-200a
    • Stick duty cycle @ 40°c: 10% @ 200a, 60% @ 81a, 100% @ 63a (10a) 25% @ 200a, 60% @ 130a, 100% @ 100a (15a)
    • Stick electrode range: 2.5-4.0mm
    • Stick welding thickness range: 2-12mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 660mm x 210mm x 330mm
  • Weight: 20kg


  • 3 Years Warranty