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Unimig RAZOR Multi 175 Welder

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HD Backlit Interface
Experience a new level of convenience with our next-generation
interface panel. With its vibrant and easy-to-read display, you'll be
able to effortlessly navigate and customise your welding settings
in any lighting condition.
Synergic MIG Control
Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming setup with our
innovative Synergic MIG control. This cutting-edge technology
automatically adjusts your welding settings based on your wire
type, gas, wire size, and material thickness, ensuring precise and
efficient results every time.
Digital Control MIG Torch
The ultimate solution for welders seeking unprecedented
control and precision in their work. No more hassle of constantly
adjusting your settings on a separate control panel. With our
leading technology, you can easily fine-tune your amps, wire
speed, and voltage right on the MIG torch itself.
Spool Gun Ready
You have the option of attaching a Spool Gun to run softer core
wires such as aluminium MIG wire. You don’t even need to
change the setup of your existing torch or drive roller.
Gas & Gasless MIG
Our welding machine supports both gas-shielded and gasless
MIG wire, allowing you to tackle a wide variety of welding projects
with ease. Whether you're working with mild steel, stainless
steel, aluminium, or flux-cored wire, our machines have got you
Geared Wire Drive
Experience smooth and consistent wire feed with our advanced
geared roller drive unit. This feature ensures that your wire is fed
consistently and accurately, even when using longer MIG torches.
Multi-Process Welding
Get the job done quickly and efficiently with our versatile threein-
one welding machine. With the ability to perform MIG, TIG, and
STICK welding all in one unit, you can save valuable time and
effort without sacrificing quality.
Foot Control Ready
Enjoy greater control and precision with our optional foot control
accessory. This handy feature allows you to easily adjust your TIG
amperage on the fly, without interrupting your torch movement.
Trigger Controlled DC Lift Arc TIG
With Trigger Controlled DC Lift Arc ignition, starting your welding
projects has never been easier. Our Lift Arc TIG technology
ensures that your tungsten tip won't stick to the work piece,
preventing costly tip breakages.
Smart Fan
Our advanced Smart Fan technology reduces noise, saves power,
and minimises contaminants, making it the perfect choice for any
welding environment.
Advanced MMA Features
The RAZOR MULTI 175/220 features adjustable Arc Force and
Hot Start functionality. These features are designed for improving
weld quality and ease of use.
Optional Remote Control
Upgrade your machine with a handy remote control. Both a wired
and wireless controller are available.
Generator Compatible
Minimum 11 kVA (175), or 12 kVA (220) recommended.


  • Primary Input Voltage: 240V Single Phase
  • Supply Plug: 15 AMP
  • Ieff (A): 15
  • Rated Output: 30A/15.5V - 175A/22.8V
  • No Load Voltage: (V) 60
  • Protection Class: IP23S
  • Insulation Class: H
  • Minimum Generator (kVA): 11.0
  • Dinse Connector: 35/50
  • Standard: AS/NZ60974-1
  • Warranty (Years): 5

MIG Specifications

  • MIG Welding Current Range: 30-175A
  • MIG Duty Cycle @ 40°C:
    • 25% @ 175A
    • 60% @ 101A
    • 100% @ 78A
  • MIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-8mm

TIG Specifications

  • TIG Function Type: DC Lift Arc
  • TIG Welding Current Range: 5-175A
  • TIG Duty Cycle @ 40°C:
    • 25% @ 175A
    • 60% @ 113A
    • 100% @ 88A
  • TIG Welding Thickness Range: 1-6mm

STICK Specifications

  • STICK Welding Current Range: 20-160A
  • STICK Duty Cycle @ 40°C:
    • 20% @ 160A
    • 60% @ 93A
    • 100% @ 72A
  • STICK Welding Thickness Range: 2-10mm

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions (mm): 560×220×40
  • Weight (kg): 15.0