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Single & Double Pulse MIG
Pulse welding reduces the heat and minimises spatter, without compromising penetration, so its perfect for thin and soft materials like aluminium. A single pulse weld alternates between a peak current and a background current. Double pulse welding works the same way, but with a second background current to add even more control over the arc.
  • Reduced heat input, so you can weld thinner than standard MIG, perfect for aluminium
  • Weld faster than a TIG weld, but with the same aesthetic appearance of TIG
  • Spatter free welding, cutting your clean-up time to nothing
  • Great penetration even with lower heat
5” LCD Touch Screen Display
Choosing your weld parameters or changing your settings mid weld has never been easier. The large touch screen display is clear, with an easy to navigate interface. You won’t even need a manual to work it out.
Over 100+ Synergic Programs
With over 100 preset synergic programs, setting up for a weld has never been faster. Just select your metal, wire size, and gas, and you’re good to go.
Hot Start
Starting a MIG weld has never been so smooth with the Hot Start function. Turn it on to give you a boost in current at the start of your weld, eliminating issues with starting on cold metal, and making welding on thicker materials and aluminium easier.
Crater Fill
Finishing a weld has never been so easy with the Crater Fill feature Turning the Crater Fill function on will ramp your welding current and voltage down at the end of a MIG or TIG weld, so you can fill it in at a lower power, eliminating craters and pinholes. End your welds as strong as they started.
4 Geared Wire Drive
With four geared wire drive rollers, you will get a more consistent and smoother wire feeding experience. The internal housing also features storage space for additional rollers, so they’re always in reach. It also comes with an internal spool light, for max visibility in any lighting.
High Frequency DC TIG
You can maintain complete control over your TIG welds with the RAZOR 200 PULSE. The high frequency DC TIG welding mode comes with a full set of adjustable parameters, like pre- and post-flow, up and down slopes, as well as all things pulse. Everything you need, right at your fingertips.
You’ll be able to STICK weld anything, including cellulosic electrodes, plus with the addition of Anti Stick, you’ll never struggle to strike an arc again. The Arc Force function helps to keep the arc stabilised throughout the weld, so it won’t cut out, and stops the electrode from sticking. Power Limit works to keep the amperage constant throughout the weld by preventing the voltage from exceeding the set value.
GLICK Heat Control
When using the GLICK function, set a base current, which you can switch to at any time during a weld by pressing the trigger button. GLICK is great for manual heat input control as you go.
Job Memory (100 Jobs)
Save your favourite weld settings with the jobs function.
Digital Control Torch
Adjust your amps, current and voltage right on the MIG torch itself. Plus, if you plug in a TIG torch, pressing the trigger will automatically switch you to the TIG screen and vice versa.
15A Plug
Connect to any 15 AMP outlet.
100mm & 200mm Spool Sizes
The RAZOR 200 PULSE can hold 0.5kg and 2kg aluminium spools, and 1kg and 5kg mild and stainless steel spools.
Ready to weld
Not just the welder, get everything you need to get started all in the one box. That includes a digital MIG torch and BONUS aluminium wire and torch consumables kit.
The RAZOR 200 PULSE is rated IP23S, so it’s protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12mm, and water spray less than 60° from vertical. Lightweight and Portable
Onsite or off, you can take this machine anywhere
Generator Compatible
Going off the grid? The RAZOR 200 PULSE can be connected to a generator. We recommend one with an 11kVa.
2T / 4T / SPOT
Choose between two-touch, four-touch and spot modes to maximise operator comfort on every weld.
Adjustable Arc Length
Increase or decrease your arc length while in the synergic and pulse MIG modes to suit your weld style.
Inductance Control
Change the frequency of your short circuit MIG welds with the Inductance settings, so you can choose your preferred arc characteristics.


    • 3m DM26 Digital MIG Torch fitted with a carbon-polyamide liner
    • 3m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
    • 3m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
    • Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
    • 1.8m Gas Hose Complete with fittings
    • Operating Manual
    • 2kg 1.2mm 5356 HYPERARC Aluminium Wire
    • DM26 Consumable Starter Kit