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Keep your eyes and face protected during every weld with our Professional Series helmets.

Featuring our brand new auto shade detection technology and 5 arc sensors, these helmets take the guesswork out of your shade selection, and the 1/1/1/1 optical classification combined with our largest viewing size lens yet, you’ll be able to see everything you do with crystal-clear clarity.

Choose from a sleek, clean professional black or pick from one of the eye-catching graphics.


  • 1/1/1/1 Classification - Superior optical clarity with a 1/1/1/1 classification. Get an Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) that’s scored top marks across the board for a crystal-clear view of your weld at every angle.
  • Auto Shade Select - Take the guesswork out of your protection. The auto shade select technology instantly detects the arc and decides what shade you need to keep your eyes safe for every kind of welding.
  • 102.5x102.5mm View Size - Unmatched visibility in every situation. The 102.5x102.5mm viewing area lets you see every weld with complete clarity.
  • 3.0 Light State - Get a clear view before and after the weld, as well as during. With a 3.0 light state, you’ll be able to see your workpiece as well with the helmet on as with it off.
  • External Grind Button - Seamlessly switch to grind mode with the click of a button. When the helmet is in grind mode a small LED will illuminate, so you don’t need to take the helmet off to check. 5 Arc Sensors Detect every arc instantly. The four optimally positioned arc sensors, coupled with an arc intensity sensor, trigger the Auto-Darkening Filter. Experience unparalleled eye protection right from the start of every weld, even when you’re out of position.
  • Backup Battery - 2 x CR2450 backup batteries improve the performance and reliability of the auto-darkening filter.
  • 4 Point Harness - Get the perfect fit and stay comfortable for hours. Adjust all 4 points of contact to suit you, and have the weight spread more evenly, minimising neck strain.


  • Filter Dimensions: 114x133x9.5mm
  • View Size: 102.5x102.5mm
  • Arc Sensors: 4 Arc Sensors, 1 Arc Intensity Sensor
  • Classification: 1/1/1/1
  • Light State: 3
  • Dark State: 5-13
  • UV/IR Protection: DIN15
  • Time from Light to Dark: 0.04ms
  • Time from Dark to Light: 0.1-0.9s
  • Sensitivity Delay: Adjustable (1-5 for low-high)
  • Power Supply: Solar Cells & 2 x CR2450 Replaceable Battery
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Operating Temperature: -10˚C to 65˚C
  • Storage Temperature: -20˚C to 85˚C
  • Shade Control: Yes
  • Grind Mode: Yes (External)
  • Minimum TIG Amperage: 2A
  • Standards
    • AS/NZS 1337.1 B (High Impact)
    • AS/NZS 1338.1 (Auto-Darkening)