Sumner Pro Roll with Steel Wheels

Price: $565.00

Collection: Accessories,

Product Type: Sumner Pipe Stands

Brand Name: Sumner

Product Description

Sumner Pro Roll with Steel Wheels

Expanded Features and Adjustable Height!

Special Features

  • 1/2 – 36" (1.2 – 91 cm) or 2,500 Lb (1,135 kg) capacity
  • Adjustable height of 29" (74 cm) to 43" (109 cm)
  • Leveling on either side of stand
  • Uses Quick Change Housings
  • Wheels “trued” for even pipe rotation
  • Bronze bearings to eliminate arcing
  • Brake to lock loads for lay-out or fit-up
  • Handles large enough to grip with a gloved hand
  • Quick Change design increases roller stand utility

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