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Strong Hand Tools 4-IN-1 F Clamp 115mm x 80mm - UD45M-C3

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Strong Hand Clamp 4-IN-1 115mm capacity 80mm throat depth 230kg clamp force Standard pads

One Clamp - Four Functions

The most versatile & economical sliding arm clamp available

Each clamp comes complete with V-Pad and Extender Block accessories

Threaded hole on the base for mounting attachments

1. Standard
Sliding Arm Clamps are 10x faster than a C-Clamp!

2. Pipe
Add the exclusive V-Pad to create a Pipe Clamp!

3. Spreader
Reverse the clamp arm and create a Spreader Clamp.

4. Step-Over
Add the Extender Block to create a Step-Over Clamp.