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Collection: Welding Equipment 

Product Type: Engine Drives

Brand Name: Lincoln

Product Description

A Portable, Multi-Process Powerhouse.

The Ranger® 305D is a powerful 300 amp, DC diesel, engine-driven welder designed especially for contractors, maintenance/repair and all other field-based welding professionals who demand the best welding arc.

Lincoln Electric’s Chopper Technology® delivers excellent arc characteristics whether you are in stick (conventional or pipe), TIG, MIG or arc gouging modes of operation.

Rugged and dependable, the Ranger® 305D is built within a totally enclosed, robust case, which provides maximum protection for its 45-litre fuel tank and water-cooled Kubota® 18.8 HP D722 diesel engine.

This portable powerhouse delivers 7,200 continuous watts of 240V/AC generator power - enough power to run lights, tools, pump and weld all at the same time!

Excellent welding capabilities:
CC-stick, down hill stick welding on pipe, CV wire welding and Touch-StartTM TIG.

Kubota® 18.8 HP D722

diesel engine

Single-phase 240V and circuit breaker

Digital output meters

pre-setting weld amps or voltage.

Single, full-range output control dial eliminates confusion with taps and controls!


Shown with optional VRD fitted and spark arrestor

Flip-down control panel door keeps less frequently used dials out of your way!

Portability ideally suited for transportation via either fork lift truck, crane, mounted on a trailer

or carried on the back of a ute.

Standard hour meter ensures that the machine maintenance schedule

can be easily tracked.

Flip-down service panels allows easy access for servicing.

Easily accessible panels for battery and oil drain



K2922-1 Ranger® 305D

Recommended Options

Welding lead kit,remote control, VRD kit, spark arrestor

3-year Lincoln parts

(engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer)

and labour warranty

Suggested Wire Feeders

LNTM- 25 PRO, LF-72


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored and Gouging


Part no.
Output Range
Duty Cycle
305A, 30V @ 100%
Engine Type
Kubota D722 diesel
18.8 HP @ 3600
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D
H 909 , W 546 , D 1327
Net Weight (kg)
Operator Manual

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