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LINCOLN Ranger 250 GXT

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Ranger® 250 GXT (AU) (Kohler®) (With Electric Fuel Pump)



XTra Performance! XTra Power! XTra Protection!
The Ranger® 250GXT multi-process welder delivers both constant voltage and constant current for applications in Stick and MIG welding including FCAW. AC/DC current allows TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel (requires optional accessories). This petrol-driven unit includes 7.2kW auxillary power with two 240V IP66 outlets.►Totally enclosed case

- Engine is fully protected.
- 3 service access doors.
- Low Noise – 76.4 dBA sound level at

7m. 100.7 dB sound power (Lwa) at rated output.

Versatile AC/DC welding - AC/DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrode types.
- Excellent AC TIG welding with optional TIG module for aluminium and other alloy welding.

- MIG and Flux-Cored capable (with optional equipment).
- Remote ready! 6-pin connector

and local/remote switch for remote control operation.

7,200 Watts single-

phase AC generator


- Peak for motor starting.

- 7,200 watts continuous power for generator, plasma cutter or inverter welder
- Power lights, grinder, power tools

23 HP Kohler® petrol


- 2 cylinder, 4 cycle overhead valve air-cooled design.
- Electric fuel pump avoids vapour lock.

- Oil drain extension for easy oil changes.
- 45 Litre tank for extended run times. - Electric fuel gauge located on

control panel makes it easy to check the fuel level during operation and refueling.


K2923-1 Ranger ® 250 GXT


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored and Gouging

Rugged reliability

- Welding and AC Generator Outputs Rated at 40oC.


Machine Inputs & Outputs

Phase 1: Rated Output #1A (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) DC 250A / 25V @ 100% Constant Current (CC)
Phase 1: Rated Output #1B (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) DC 250A / 25V @ 100% Constant Voltage (CV)
Phase 1: Rated Output #1C (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) AC 250A / 25V @ 100% Constant Current (CC)

Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 162mm to Roof / 914mm to Top of Exhaust mm x 546 mm x 1073 mm (30 to roof / 36.2 to top of exhaust in x 21.5 in x 42.3 in)
Net Weight 270 kg (534 lbs)


Machines Processes Stick (SMAW)
Flux-Cored (FCAW)
Flux-Cored Self-Shielded (FCAW-S)
Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded (FCAW-G)
Max Rating 250
Machines Communication Technology analog
Amphenol Pins (type of connector) 6
Work Lead Connector Type Lug

Engine Driven Welders

Single Phase Auxiliary Output 240V @ 60 Hz single phase
Two 15A 240V IP66 Receptacles
Auxiliary Output Frequency 60 Hz
Engine Brand & Model Kohler
Engine Horsepower 23@3600 RPM
High Idle Operating Speed @ Rated Output 3600
Fuel Tank Size (US gal.) 12
Fuel Tank Size (L) 45.4
Oil Capacity (qts.) 2.0
Oil Capacity (L) 1.9
Max OCV 80V

Basic Specification

Mode Icon CC/CV
Output Range 50-250A AC/DC
Polarity AC/DC
Rated Output 250A AC/25V/100%
250A DC/25V/100%
Generator Output 7200 watts continuous