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Optrel Swiss Air System(PAPR)

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Swiss air is a ventilated half-mask made of flame-retardant material that covers the mouth and nose area. This TH3-certified blower breathing protection system provides respiratory protection of the highest class and ensures no passage for aerosols, smoke, particles, or viruses.

The revolutionary PAPR system from Optrel

  • TH3 certified particle master filter
  • Steplessly adjustable air flow 100-130 l/min
  • 14 h power pack
  • Automatic altitude and temperature compensation
  • Breath supporting
  • No fit test necessary

What's Included

  • Swiss air system 
  • control panel
  • comfort mask with head & neck strap
  • blower/filter unit
  • 14 hour battery
  • shoulder harness
  • charger and bag

Technical data

Protection class: TH3 (EN12941)

Blower unit

Air flow

Level 1: min. 100 l/min.
Level 2: min. 115 l/min.
Level 3: min. 130 l/min.
All levels with automatic air flow control (levels are adjusted directly on the blower and can be steplessly adjusted via the Control Panel at the front).

Material:  PA66 GF30

Fan: high quality motor with ball bearings

Fuse: electronical

Noise: max. 70db (A)

Alarm: Visual (with swiss air control panel) and audible for low / very low battery level, clogged filter,no filter and low air flow.
Low battery: alarm frequency 3.0 s (1.5 s on, 1.5 s off)
Filter: alarm frequency 0.5 s (0.25 s on, 0.25 s off)

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 250 x 170 x 50 mm

Weight: Blower unit 550 g / Overall system 1,200 g

Control Panel

Indication and adjustment options
- Overview of filter contamination and battery charge status
- stepless air flow control and on/off switch
- altitude and temperature compensation

Connection: Operating cable with jack plug and cable protection


Material: POM, ripstop textile (98% polyester and 2% polyurethanes), flame-retardant
Polyurethane foam

Valve: Exhalation valve with silicone membrane


Standards: EN 12941 Europe: TH3; Australia: P3; AS/NZS 1716; EAC TP TC 019/2011

Notified body: CE 1024