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Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet

SKU: OP-1050.110
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The new Optrel HELIX is a new and unique welding/ grinding helmet solution, this goes against the norm with the flip-up mechanism inside the helmet. This minimises the weight and lowers the number of consumables. The auto-darkening lens features a nose cut-out, bringing the glare shield closer to your eyes with up to six times larger field of view. With the Helix Quattro, Optrel offers a welding helmet for work under the most difficult conditions.

A slide-up helmet with internal ADF that has all the technical features of an Optrel helmet:

  • Panorama XXL field of view
  • EN379 classification 1/1/1/1
  • Shade levels 4-14
  • ShadeTronic®
  • Fadetronic
  • Rechargeable battery unit with charging via welding arc
  • 5-point multi-detection sensor technology

The new internal flip-up welding helmet with a panoramic field of view.

The Helix Quattro is designed for extreme performance. With a protection level range from 4 to 14 and the optically highest classification according to EN379 of 1/1/1/1, it is the ideal protection for heavy and most difficult welding tasks even in extremely forced positions or viewing angles.

ShadeTronic - Always the right shading level. Fully automatic, stepless, safe. A light sensor permanently measures the intensity of the welding arc and continuously regulates the glare protection over the entire shading level range.

Panorama-XXL-field of view - The patented nose cut-out brings the glare shield closer to your eyes. The result: a much larger field of vision and a clear separation between the mouth and eye area, which also prevents tarnishing of the protective lens.

Fadetronic - Fade-out when switching off the protection level after welding. Wellness for your eyes for fatigue-free work.