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Nederman Welding Fume Extraction System 860 (part number FPS180).

Nederman, the world’s leading brand in Industrial air filtration, has designed the portable Fume Eliminator 860 to be carried to and from the working area. If you are a welder who moves around frequently and you are looking to extract carcinogenic welding fume directly at the source, the lightweight Fume Eliminator 860 is the go-to extraction system in the welding industry. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the Fume Eliminator 860 can connect to a welding torch for on gun extraction or to an extraction nozzle. With automatic start and stop this Local Exhaust Ventilation system is simple to operate and offers you effective collection and removal of welding fume.


Throw it in the ute, carry it on-site, and breathe easy knowing welding fume is being collected directly at the source.


  • Entirely portable (16kg) LEV system for carrying to and from the working area
  • 2.5 metre extraction hose collects welding fume directly at the source
  • Automatic stop/start function
  • Maintains the desired extraction flow automatically (fully adjustable)
  • Max airflow of 180m3/h
  • Can connect to a welding torch or an extraction nozzle*
  • Disposable ‘no-touch’ Nanofiber filter offers high capture efficiency (99.7%)
  • Filter warning at 85% and 100% capacity
  • Simple to operate with low service costs
  • Single phase system with 230V power voltage.


Built specifically for use in welding environments, the Nederman Fume Eliminator 860 (FPS180) captures and removes welding fume at the source for optimal air filtration.

*Fume extraction nozzles and welding torches sold separately.