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Nederman 860 with Translas 400A On-Gun Extraction Kit

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Nederman 860 with Translas 400 Amp On-Gun Welding Fume Extraction Kit (part number FPS400S).

Introducing a new carriable on-gun fume extraction kit: the new Nederman Fume Eliminator 860 with the industry-leading Translas 400 amp extraction gun. Designed for welders that require portable on-gun extraction, the Nederman on-gun extraction kit is plug and play, allowing you to move between jobs and effectively remove welding fume wherever you go. With automatic start and stop, the extraction unit will automatically start extracting welding fume as soon as you start welding.

Combining the best of ergonomics and effective welding fume protection, you can breathe easy knowing welding fume is being collected directly at the source.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight Translas extraction torch features 360° swivel
  • Carriable 16kg extraction unit goes where you go
  • Extraction flow is automatically maintained and is fully adjustable
  • Automatic start/stop feature
  • ‘No-touch’ welding fume disposal
  • Warnings when the filter is 85% and 100% full
  • High efficiency Nanofiber filter (99.7% efficiency)
  • 230V, single phase unit
  • Extraction unit dimensions: H:406mm, W:222mm, L:800mm
  • 250 amp fume torch kit also available.

This kit comes with the Translas 8XE 400 amp air cooled fume torch, sensing cable (auto start/stop), airflow meter and all required hoses, adaptors & couplers.