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Nederman 860 with Translas 250A On-Gun Extraction Kit

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Nederman 860 with Translas 250Amp On-Gun Fume Extraction Kit (part number FPS250S).

AWS has launched a new carriable on-gun fume extraction option, combining the new Nederman Fume Eliminator 860 and the industry leading Translas 250 amp extraction gun. This plug and play on-gun fume extraction kit is designed to be carried to the working area and will automatically begin extracting welding fume once the welding starts. With simple operation and automatic start/stop functionality, this new on-gun extraction system offers efficient removal and collection of welding fume.

This carriable on-torch welding extraction unit goes where you go, collecting fume directly at the source.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic Translas fume gun with 360° swivel
  • Portable and easy to carry extraction unit (16kg)
  • Automatically maintains the set extraction flow (fully adjustable)
  • Automatic start/stop function
  • Disposable ‘no-touch’ Nanofiber filter offers high capture efficiency (99.7%)
  • Filter warning once the filter reaches 85% and 100% capacity
  • Single phase system, 230V
  • Dimensions of extraction unit: H:406, W:222, L:800 (mm)
  • Also available as a 400 amp fume torch kit.

Kit includes Nederman Fume Eliminator 860, Translas 8XE MINI 250A air cooled extraction torch, auto start/stop sensing cable, airflow meter and all required hoses, couplers & adaptors.