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Kemppi Zeta W200X Welding Helmet

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Zeta W200X Welding helmet


Zeta W200x welding helmet with automatic darkening filter (ADF) and integrated LED work lights. The Zeta welding shield with large ADF viewing area 110 mm in width and 60 mm in height. 

The Zeta ADF VISION+ technology enhances the quality of vision as well as work accuracy and reduces eye fatigue. The integrated LED work lights give you an extra boost for the entire workday.


  • Advanced ADF SA60Z for welding
  • ADF SA60Z featuring shade choices 2,5/5/8-12 
  • ADF SA60Z VISION+ technology featuring 110 mm x 60 mm viewing area 
  • Lightweight and well-balanced design improve the work ergonomics
  • The integrated LED work lights with manual or automatic on/off function. A fully charged LED work light on manual ON mode last a full working day
  • Smooth inner surface enables improved hygiene
  • Certified by EN 175 with medium energy impact B

Technical specification

Operating temperature range-5...+55 °C

Storage temperature range-20...+50 °C

EN 166-Yes

Welding filterSA60Z, VISION+technology

View size - 110 mm x 60 mm

ADF light state - 2.5

ADF switching time - 0.1 ms

Charging connector type for LED work lights - USB-C

Battery lifetime for LED work lights - 8 hours