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Kemppi Gamma GTH3 XFA Respirator Welding Helmet

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The Kemppi Gamma GTH3 XFA offers top class safety and comfort with total freedom of movement. Even in the toughest working environments, Gamma GTH3 XFA is the ultimate welder's respirator, featuring class leading LiFE+ Colour ADF, integrated LED work lights, fast charge Li-ion battery packs and all Gamma comfort features.

Safety for all processes


Designed for all arc welding, cutting, grinding, gouging and inspection processes.

Protection for your lungs


Respirator models meet the highest EU classification protecting you from 99.8 % of airborne fumes and particulate.

Comfort and usability


Models include optimum vision performance and unique usability features including Axis regulation and GapView function.


• Meets the highest European classification for respiratory performance (TH3) and the defined standards for Australia and New Zealand (P2).

• Integrated LED working lights improve safety and work efficiency in dimly lit welding conditions.

• Class leading LiFE+ Color Auto-darkening welding filter makes working more convenient with extended shade selection up to level 15.

• Visible welding filter parameter selection enables working without interruptions when settings can be adjusted on the go with the remote control.

• GapView switch sets a clear view beneath the welding visor providing a 15 mm gap and a clear vision of the working area.

• Axis regulator tunes eye-line perspective.

• Heavy duty battery charged full in only 3 hours.

• 198 cm² grinding visor, 170° work site view.

• Respirator (PFU 210e) air speed selection 170 or 210 liters per minute.

• Features for added comfort and safety such as a flexible and adjustable headband, axis regulator to adjust the visor position and ClickLenz system allowing the replacement of clear lens plates in seconds.


Gamma GTH3 XFA Product code 9873130

Weight 1100 g

Operating temperature -5…+55 °C

EN 175 S-B

EN 12941 TH3

AS/NZS 1716; P2

Welding filter XA 74

View size 102 x 74 mm

Filter dimension Customized

Shade range 5, 8, 9-15

ADF light state 6

ADF switching time 0.1 ms

LiFE+ Colour (yes/no) Yes

Grinding function (yes/no) No