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Kemppi Flexlite TX225GS Tig Torches

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Kemppi Flexlite TX 225GS Tig Torches

Flexlite TX welding torches for TIG welding feature excellent technical performance, extended consumables life, and everyday welding comfort. Durable silicone rubber material gives a firm grip while the torch handle's innovative design reduces wrist loading, allowing welders to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld. 

Available in alternative power classes and lengths, the Flexlite TX TIG torch range includes different neck versions for water and gas-cooled models. On-torch remote control options allow accurate and immediate welding current adjustment at a distance. To get the best quality and cost-effectiveness for your welding, equip your Flexlite TX torch with Kemppi consumables.

220A gas cooled, S neck, 4m, 8m or 16m, Large torch head