Kemppi Beta 90XFA Respirator Welding Helmet

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The Kemppi Beta 90/XFA respirator provide cool and clean breathing air, from the  PFU 210e battery powered filter unit offering optimal freedom of movement around the workspace.


  • Beta 90 XFA
  • For welding, tacking, cutting, grinding, inspection
  • Battery powered PAPR
  • XFA model features LiFE+ Color ADF technology including shades 14 and15
  • EN 175 B, AS/NZS 1337.1, EN 12941 TH2 and AS/NZS 1716
  • Particle and gas filter options
  • Fast charging PAPR battery packs
  • Leather belt and metal buckle
  • Comfort headband
  • Magnifying lens option

Beta 90 XFA TH2 rated PAPR package, featuring solutions for both particle and gas filtration.

Package contains

Beta 90 XFA welding helmet, auto-darkening welding filter XA 47

Powered air respirator PFU 210e 

Air hose


Particle filter

Battery 3.2 Ah

Battery charger

Flow meter.

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