Kemppi Beta 90X Welding Helmet

Price: $420.00

Product Description

The Kemppi Beta 90X, offers excellent protection for facial areas in professional welding applications and is also rated and tested for cutting and grinding tasks according to EN175B. Our welding shields have been tested and approved to protect against flying debris up to 120 m/s. The dual-skin construction significantly increases your protection and reduces temperature transfer to the face at high welding currents, increasing personal comfort. 

This welding helmet choice includes both standard glass welding filter lenses, plus electronic auto darkening (ADF) welding filter options. Beta 90X includes a ‘Flip-up’ welding lens cassette holder, providing three fixed positions – fully closed, fully open, or the convenient ‘GAP VIEW’ position, setting a limited clear view of the work area, ideal for setting and tack welding tasks.



• Suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, Stick (MMA), Plasma, Cutting, and grinding

• Lightweight • Deep cut protection for higher welding duty cycles

• Flip-up welding lens cassette incl. inspection window

• GAP VIEW setting • Welding filter shade choice 8 to 15

• Strong, super-adjustable, and comfortable headband

• EN175B impact protection rated


Beta 90X offers a high level of welding and grinding protection and the headband is super comfortable and easy to set.


Thanks to the 'Flip-up' welding lens cassette holder


Beta 90X Product code: 9873047

Filter lens dimension: 90 x 110

Viewing window: 46.5 x 95

Shade range: EN 4/9 - 13

Sensitivity: Adjustable

Switching time: 0.00015

Delay (Dark to bright), second: 0.2 - 0.8 (Adjustable)

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