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Stoody 965-G Tubular Hardfacing Wire

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Gas (-G) and Self Shielded (-O), Tubular Hardfacing Wires

Air Hardening, Crack Free, Martensitic Steel Deposit

Resistant to Hard Particle Abrasion and Moderate Impact Loading

1.2mm and 1.6mm sizes can be used for vertical surfacing by depositing overlapping horizontal stringer passes

1.2mm and 1.6mm wires are B5 type wires which require a shielding gas

2.4mm size is a B7 type open arc wire which requires no shielding gas


  • Tubular hard-surfacing wire
  • Typical weld deposit hardness – single layer on mild steel: 55HRc, 600 HV 30


  • Suitable for surfacing of agricultural points, shares and tynes, sand dredge cutter heads, dredge rollers and tumblers, conveyor screws or bucket lips
  • Ideal for use on surfacing components subjected to wet or dry hard particle abrasion and low to moderate impact loading


  • Classification: AS 1855-B5
  • 15Kg roll