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TransSteel Compact welding systems guarantee stable welding at the power limit.
Automatic reduction of the wire feed speed prevents the arc from being extinguished.
Irrespective of the welding process, the welder has a total of 350A with 40% duty cycle at their disposal.
Optional water cooling is also available for this power range.

- Digital welding-process control
- 4 roller drive
- Gas or water cooled torch
- Synergic programmes
- Automatic burn-back control
- Electrode welding
- Digital display for welding amperage, welding voltage, thickness of material, wire feed speed
- Continuous power-adjustment possible directly from torch with Up/Down torch
- 5 fast job memory keys (synergic-version)
- Dust filter
- Temperature controlled fan
- Earth leakage monitoring
- Remote-controllable
- S mark, CE mark, C Tick