FRONIUS TPS 320i Welder

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The TPS/i is modularly designed. This means that the core of the machine is a future-oriented standard module which can easily be extended, even now.
For example, the machine can have the functionality of a pulsed-arc power source added to it simply by carrying out an upgrade.
New characteristics are easy to upload to it, from a USB stick or via the Internet connection, in the same way as for firmware updates.
This modular architecture makes the TPS/i ready for whatever the future may bring. In this way, capabilities that are still undreamed-of can one day be the norm – all on the same machine. Revolution today, evolution tomorrow: You’re in for some surprises!

- Future proof - upgradable design
- Back up settings via USB port
- Available with remote monitoring through ethernet connection
- Auto detects type of Fronius torch being used and limits current to suit
- 7” color touchscreen display
- Single knob control
- Software options for advanced welding
- Dynamic variable wire feed speed

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