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Fronius IWave 230i AC/DC Tig Welder

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The IWave features an extremely robust design and an exceptionally self-explanatory operating concept with Bluetooth.
Additionally, the IWave comes with Active Wave which makes TIG AC welding a much quieter business.
The integrated digital signal processor always computes the waveform that will permit the highest possible arc stability with the lowest possible noise-emission levels in real-time.
Measurement of these noise levels clearly shows that with Active Wave, the dbA value is still below 80 dbA, even when the machine is delivering 300 A of power.

- Intuitive menu navigation
- Large 110mm colour screen
- Bluetooth enabled for remotes, helmets and mobile phone
- Lift arc ignition / HF switch-selectable
- Optional job storage
- Pulse welding & optional Puls Pro mode
- Generator compatible
- Changeable neck torch
- Up/Down function via torch
- Special tacking mode
- Spot-welding
- Auto tungsten cap shaping
- Carrying strap
- Thermostat-controlled fan
- S-mark, CE-mark, C Tick