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Fronius IWave 300i AC/DC Watercooled Tig Welder

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Fronius IWave 300i AC/DC Watercooled Tig Welder

Maximum quality – on every weld, with every material. Thanks to targeted heat input and an improved ignition function, iWave offers you maximum control of your arc and significantly reduced ignition delays. All the operating elements of the iWave series are designed for maximum control too. The result is intuitive handling, allowing you to fully focus on your welding challenge.

Maximum control of the weld pool

With CycleTIG, you control the arc and the heat input to the fullest extent. Short welding times let you reliably maintain control of the weld pool and weld even the thinnest material with ease.

Graphical, dynamic menu navigation – in over 30 languages

Straightforward and self-explanatory. With our intuitive menu structure you can easily change settings and get right back to welding

Automatic cap-shaping in just 2 seconds

Save time: use the function to quickly form a cap based on the set electrode diameter.

Tacking – time saving of up to 50% when tacking materials

The weld pool is made to oscillate by means of pulse currents. This makes it easier to tack components together and reduces tacking time, leaving hardly any or no temper colors on the tacking points.

Synchronous welding like never before

Challenge mastered: our “Sync Mode” makes synchronous, double-sided TIG welding with alternating current easier than ever before. Our solution for this ultimate welding challenge is automatic harmonization of both arcs, allowing two welders to work in perfect sync.

AC/DC waveforms – the right arc for every requirement

Weld your way: iWave offers you the option of selecting the wave shape during AC welding. These are typical of a range of weld properties that you prefer for the welding task in question. If required, you can also combine the waveforms.

Automatic gas post-flow – protecting the tungsten electrode

Welding without oxidation. The iWave ensures the gas shield for the tungsten electrode and weld. The gas post-flow is calculated automatically based on the set welding current and the electrode diameter.


  • iWave 300i AC/DC G/W/F TIG Inverter - 4.075.250
  • Water cooler CU 1100i with filter, flow & temp sensor - 4.048.016
  • Front water installation kit for compact machines - 4.100.718.U
  • Tig torch hose pack THP300i W/ML/F++/UD/Le/4m - 4.051.321
  • Tig torch head TTB300A W/ML/70°/L65 - 44.0350.4411
  • Earth Cable 50mm² x 4m & clamp - 43.0004.0161