Esab Warrior 400i CC/CV Package

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The ESAB Warrior 400i brings the outstanding arc performance and energy savings you expect from an inverter. Along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit, Warrior provides the simple functionality welders want at a competitive price.

Perfect for long runs across a variety of applications and delivers 400amps @ 60% Duty Cycle. Warrior has been designed to be durable and rugged, with an IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in the rough environment.
With an easy-to-use, clear and intuitive user interface for everyone to get started quickly, including glove-friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.

  • Comes with Warrior Feed 304, Trolley, Cables, Regulator & Mig Torch
  • Multi-Process – MIG/TIG/Stick/Gouging
  • Designed to be durable & rugged
  • 400amps @ 60% Duty Cycle
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface


Mains Supply, VAC, 3 ph 50/60Hz
380-400-415, +/-10%

Mains cable, Ø mm2

Fuse, Motor Start Type or Circuit Breaker Type C, A

Maximum Load
100% duty cycle A/V, 3ph: 300/32 | 60% duty cycle A/V, 3ph: 400/36

Current Range
MIG/FCAW: 16-400A | Stick (MMAW): 16-400A | TIG: 5-400A

Open Circuit Voltage

Idle Power

Efficiency at Max. Current

Enclosure class

712L x 325W x 470H mm


Operating Temperature 
-10 to +40°C

Warrior Feed 304: Power Supply

Warrior Feed 304: Wire Spool Capacity

Warrior Feed 304: Max. Spool Diameter

Warrior Feed 304: Dimensions (Including Bobbin Cover)
675L x 264W x 218H mm

Warrior Feed 304: Wire Dimensions
Steel: 0.6-1.6 | Stainless Steel: 0.6-1.6 | Aluminium: 0.8-1.6 | Cored Wire: 0.9-1.6

Warrior Feed 304: Enclosure Class

Package Includes:

  • ESAB Warrior 400i CC/CV – 0465350886
  • ESAB Warrior Feed 304 – 0465250881
  • ESAB Trolley – 0465510880
  • ESAB 10m Interconnection Cables – 0459836882
  • ESAB 4.5m Euro PSF405 Mig Torch – 0458401883

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