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ELLIOTTS GOLDEN CHIEF Premium Leather Welder's Spats

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Designed to protect your boots from damaging welding spatter and dross. The spats are manufactured from selected soft, premium GOLDEN CHIEF® pig split leather. The spat utilises a 50mm hook and loop closure with strap and buckle under the boot. All seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread.


  • Premium gold pig split leather
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • 50mm hook and loop closure
  • Webbing under-boot strap with hook and loop closure
  • Reinforced wear areas
  • Double leather moulded toe area
  • Length - 730 mm

The GOLDEN CHIEF® range is manufactured from soft, premium, selected GOLDEN CHIEF® pig split leather which is extremely durable, flame resistant and offers excellent protection from welding spatters and dross. Leather is an extremely strong-wearing material which can protect your workwear not only from the hazards of welding but also from abrasion, fluids and general wear and tear.