BossSafe Pro Series Atlas Electronic Welding Helmet

Price: $181.00

Collection: Safety Equipments,

Product Type: Welding Helmets

Brand Name: Bossweld

Product Description

BossSafe Pro Series Atlas Electronic Welding Helmets

Designed to provide protection to your eyes, neck and face from flash burn, ultraviolet & infrared light, sparks and heat while performing welding tasks. Manufactured under strict quality control methods, the Pro Series auto-darkening electronic welding helmets are the perfect choice for your next welding project.


  • Wide viewing area 98mm x 62mm
  • Shade Adjustable from shades 9 - 13
  • Suitable for MIG, TIG and Stick electrode welding
  • Grinding mode
  • Quad sensors
  • Only weighs 520 grams
  • Comfortable head harness
  • Magnification lens clip
  • Switching speed 1/30000s
  • Optical class 1/1/1/2


  • MIG, TIG & Stick welding
  • Carbon arc gouging

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