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CIGWELD introduces the next generation of Comet gas consumables, featuring a gas equipment world first in black nickel plating. This patented innovation from CIGWELD provides an additional tough wearing layer for superior durability, plus minimises heat discolouration.

Comet nozzles are a vital component of flame cutting equipment. They provide the preheating flames to raise the steel to ignition temperatures and direct the jet of oxygen onto the heated area to perform the cutting process seamlessly.

  • Excellent Cut Quality – Gas passages produced using swaging technology, resulting in an extended, smooth, uniform oxygen jet stream.
  • Less Slag Adhesion – Manufactured from copper for extra durability and improved heat dissipation.
  • Narrow Kerf Width – Provides cleaner cuts and smoother lines with both hand cutting and profile machine cutting.
  • Longer Nozzle Life – The high brass content and advanced manufacturing techniques give COMET taper seat nozzles an inbuilt quality
  • Better Quality Cutting – The mirror smooth finish of the gas ports assures stable gas flows and superior cutting oxygen stream.
  • Faster nozzle attachment – easy change of position for bent nozzles.
  • LPG (propane) flames do not blow off – taper seat LPG nozzles have slotted preheat ports which cause turbulence in the gas flow enabling the flame to hang on to the nozzles
  • Only one nut is tightened to give perfect seating with taper seat nozzles
  • Wider seating areas ensure gas-tight seals
  • Protective flange to safeguard tapered seat from damage