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The COMET 3 blowpipe, when used with appropriate attachments, is suitable for fusion welding, braze welding, brazing, soldering, heating, hand cutting, sheet metal cutting, rivet cutting, powder facing and flame cleaning.

  • Two-stage valve gives precise gas control from the smallest welding tip to the largest heating tip
  • Permits fine sensitive control for delicate welding jobs and easy lighting up, to flows of up to 600 l/min for the heaviest heating job
  • A non-rotating valve spindle drastically minimises wear
  • Due to O-ring seals, only hand tightening is required to connect the mixer or cutting attachment to the handle
  • Locking teeth secure re-positioning with hand tightening
  • Handle shape gives a comfortable positive grip
  • Left-hand/right-hand threads prevent incorrect hose connection
  • Colour coded control knobs are fitted for maximum safety and ease of operation, even when wearing gloves