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CIGWELD WeldSkill 185LCD Multi Process MIG/TIG/STICK Welder

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The LCD Display makes it super simple to navigate through the welding modes and advanced features

  • CIGWELD E-180 Mig Torch 3m with Euro Connection
  • CIGWELD Tig Torch 17V 4m (remote control)
  • CIGWELD Electrode Holder 3m


Easy navigation to select & clear LCD Screens

The 2.8” LCD Colour screen whether in MIG/Stick or TIG mode makes it easy to adjust features like Spot Welding (MIG Mode) or Downslope (TIG Mode).



    Suitable for use with any standard 10 Amp power point! 240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 10 Amp Supply Lead Fitted to Power Source
  • Complete 3 IN 1 Multi-Process
    A complete multi-process machine including all accessories required to MIG, STICK and TIG Weld. (MIG Torch, TIG Torch & Electrode Holder)
  • Current Range
    Current Range for this Power Source is 30 to 185A (MIG Mode) provides DC Output
  • MIG (GMAW / FCAW): 185A @ 10%
    0.6-0.9mm: Solid MIG Wires & 0.8-0.9mm Gasless MIG Wires 0.9-1.0mm: Aluminium MIG Wires 0.8-0.9mm: Stainless Steel MIG Wires
  • STICK (MMAW): 160A @ 10%
    Power Source is suitable for 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm electrode sizes
  • TIG (GTAW): 160A @20%
    This unit features a DC Lift TIG function that provides smooth starting and running characteristics across a broad range of applications
  • LCD Screen Display
    2.8’’ Full colour LCD Display with easy navigation of all functions on screen.
  • Adjustable Burnback Control
    Used to adjust the amount of MIG wire that protrudes from the MIG torch after the completion of MIG welding. (commonly referred to as stick out)
  • Arc Control (Inductance)
    The arc control operates in MIG (GMAW/FCAW) mode only and is used to adjust the intensity of the welding arc
  • Spot Weld (MIG Mode)
    Spot Welding allows the user to pre-set the duration time of their welds up to 10 seconds (MIG mode only)
  • Downslope (TIG Mode)
    Down Slope allows the user to pre-set the time for the weld current to ramp down (TIG mode only)
  • Integrated Wire Feed Unit
    Spools up to 5kg or 200mm
  • Hot Start
    Improves the arc start characteristics of stick electrodes
  • Anti-Stick
    Helps to prevent the stick electrode from sticking to the work piece
  • Voltage Reduction Device
    Standards Compliant Voltage Reduction Device (Stick Mode Only)
  • Euro Torch Connection
  • SGT250 Spool Gun Compatible
    Ideal for Aluminium Fabrication, Repairs and Auto/Marine work. Compatible with Tweco SGT250 Spool Gun
  • Over Temperature Protection
    Cut out protection has been fitted to the power source
  • Recommended Generator
    10kVA (at 0.8 Power Factor)* *Refer to operating manual for further information
  • Compliance
    Fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2020 Enclosure rated to IP21S
  • Warranty
    2 Year Warranty* on Power Source *Refer to Operation Manual for full details
  • Wire Type
    Suitable for Gas and Gasless Wires



  • WeldSkill 185LCD Inverter Plant W1008193
  • WeldSkill 185LCD Power Source
  • MIG Torch with Euro Connection, 3m
  • TIG Torch 17V 4m Lead
  • Twistlock Electrode Holder with 3m Lead
  • CutSkill Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
  • Work Clamp with 3m Lead
  • Shielding Gas Hose Assembly, 3m
  • Feed Rolls: 0.8/0.9mm Flux Cored (Fitted), 0.8/0.9mm V Groove
  • Contact Tip: 0.8mm (Fitted)
  • Operating Manual (can be downloaded at