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Cigweld Verticor 309LT MIG Wire 15kg

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Verticor 309LT MIG Wire

Verti-Cor 309LT is a gas shielded stainless steel flux cored wire developed for a wide range of positional and downhand welding applications on matching 309 and 309L stainless steels.

722881 – 1.2mm – 15kg

722882 – 1.6mm – 15kg

Suitable for the dissimilar welding of other "300 series" austenitic stainless steels to mild or low alloy steels for the welding of selected "400 series" ferritic stainless steels, such as 3CR12.

Verti-Cor stainless steel flux cored wires- 308LT – All positional capabilities

Vacuum sealed in aluminised plastic packs

Formulated for CO2 or Argon 20-25% CO2 Shielding gases

High deposition rate welding of stainless steel