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CIGWELD BlueJet Tradesman Plus Oxygen/LPG Kit

SKU: 208021
Regular price $479.00 inc. GST

The BlueJet Gas Cutting and Welding Kits have been designed for general-purpose Oxygen – Acetylene/LPG cutting, welding and heating applications. As with all gas equipment manufactured by CIGWELD, the items in these kits have been carefully designed to provide the highest quality performance and to ensure they comply with the stringent Australian Standards (where applicable). With a robust and purpose-built toolkit, all the equipment and accessories are well protected. These kits offer great value for the most discerning budget-conscious buyer.

• Kit conforms to AS4839
• Multi-fueled torch based on CIGWELD’s original COMET 3 design
• Comfortable grip handle
• Tough, solid brass construction
• Excellent flame stability
• Flashback resistant mixer
• High flow oxygen cutting valve
• Torch profile gives excellent job visibility
• Ideal for the tradesman, contractor, and handyman


• Oxygen Regulator SI
• LPG Regulator SI
• Blowpipe
• Cutting Attachment
• Mixer Type 550
• Torch Mount Flashback Arrestor Set
• Regulator Mount Flashback Arrestor Set
• Fitted Twin Gas Hose 10m OXY/LPG
• Cutting Nozzle 44 Size 8
• Cutting Nozzle 44 Size 12
• Cutting Nozzle 44 Size 15
• Brazing Tip 554 Size 8
• Brazing Tip 554 Size 15
• Lift-Front Gas Welding Goggles
• Flint Lighter
• Combination Spanner
• Tip Cleaner
• Roller Guide
• Radius Bar and Pivot
• Sturdy Stainless Toolbox