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CIGWELD BlueJet CO2 Regulator, 20 L/min, Type 30 Side-Inlet (SI)

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BlueJet CO2 Regulator, 20 L/min, Type 30 Side-Inlet (SI)

BlueJet regulators are specifically made for the price-conscious consumer and provide outstanding quality and performance for use with the majority of light- to medium-duty applications. The maximum pressure or flow that BlueJet regulators are factory-programmed to provide is compliant with AS4267. The BlueJet design, which provides durable construction together with renowned CIGWELD quality and represents real value for the money.

• Conform to Australian Standard AS4267
• Robust alloy bonnet and brass fittings
• Factory set optimal delivery pressure
• Ergonomic knobs ensure precise gas adjustment
• Captive control knob prevents loss and tampering
• Failsafe against over pressure
• Diaphragm is protected against flashback
• Robust, failsafe, and accurate pressure gauges
• Color coded for gas identification
• Ideal for the Tradesman, Contractor, and Handyman
• 5-Year Warranty