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CIGWELD CutSkill 60 Plasma Cutter

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Meet the Cigweld plasma cutter CutSkill 60 Plasma System – the big brother to the revolutionary CutSkill 35/45 Plasma Systems.

The new CutSkill 60 packs all the innovative features of the Cutskill 35 and 45 but can clean cut through 20mm Mild Steel and has Gouging capability to top it off!

Ideal for the workshop for serious cutting of Mild/Stainless Steels and Aluminium, the CutSkill 60 delivers a powerful punch for use with a 15 amp socket*.

Industry-leading user interface that takes manual plasma cutting to a whole new level!
This smart technology interface not only incorporates the latest in colour LCD technology but also simplifies the entire cutting set up process.

With a single control knob, the operator can select each function necessary to suit their desired needs. Decide if you want your torch set to manual or latch mode, whether you’re cutting flat or grid plate, gouging then adjust your current and you’re ready to cut!  All of these actions are clearly displayed on the impressive 2.8” colour LCD display..

*Refer to operating manual. Minimum recommended circuit breaker 25A.


  • Plasma Power Source – CutSkill 60
  • CutSkill 60A Plasma Torch with 1.1mm Cutting / Gouging Tips
  • Work Cable and Clamp
  • Wrench for Air Filter
  • 1 x ¼” Nitto Air Line Connector
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Operating Manual (Power Source and Plasma Torch)


Mild Steel Clean Cut

Mild Steel Severance

Stainless Steel Clean Cut

Aluminium Clean Cut

Number of Phases
Single Phase

Supply Plug
*Minimum recommended circuit breaker 25A.

Generator Required
15 kVa

Duty Cycle
60A @ 20%**
****Upgrade to 4mm2 lead and 20A plug to achieve 30% @ 60A Duty Cycle.

Input Air Required
800 kPa, 110 LPM


3 Year