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Cigweld Comweld 316LSi Stainless Steel Tig Rod

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Cigweld Comweld 316LSi  Stainless Steel Tig Rod - 5kg pkts

Comweld 316LSi is a bare, corrosion-resistant, chromium-nickel-molybdenum rod for welding austenitic stainless alloys of the 18% Cr-8% Ni and 18% Cr-10% Ni-3% Mo types. Comweld 316LSi has good general corrosion resistance, particularly to corrosion in acid and chlorinated environments. The alloy has a low carbon content which makes it particularly recommended when there is a risk of intergranular corrosion. The higher silicon content improves the welding properties such as wetting. The alloy is widely used in the chemical and food-processing industries, as well as in shipbuilding and various types of architectural structure.

  • End stamped with AS/AWS Class 316LSi for easy identification.
  • Resealable 5kg plastic tube

Packaging Data

  • 321426 – 1.6mm – 5kg Tube
  • 321427 – 2.4mm – 5kg Tube

Suitable for the general welding of other 300 series stainless steels including 302 and 304; as well as ferritic stainless steels grades such as 409, 444 and 3Cr12

Pack Type

Pack Weight
5kg = 1 Packet


1.6mm & 2.4mm