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CIGWELD Blue Venom XF190

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CIGWELD Blue Venom XF190

BlueVENOM XF190 – Multi Process Welding Inverter

Synergic 3-in-1 welding inverter with MIG plate thickness selection!

The BlueVENOM XF190 is the perfect solution for light fabrication, maintenance and repairs or for DIY around the home, workshop, worksite, or farm without compromising on quality, safety and performance! With the avid welder in mind, CIGWELD has introduced “Opti-Start”, a feature that allows the user to customise their starting arc characteristics through Soft and Hard Start controls.

Additionally, this machine has the following features built-in:

• 2 x Roll All-Driven (top & bottom) Wire Drive system
• MIG Adjustable Wire Burnback & Inductance
• MIG Adjustable Soft & Hard Start (Opti-Start)
• MIG Wire Inch button
• MIG Gas Purge Button
• MIG Side door wire installation, side loader
• MIG Anti de-spooling safety feature
• MIG Spool Gun Compatible
• STICK with Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) built-in for Safe Welding
• STICK Adjustable Hot Start
• STICK Adjustable Arc Force
• STICK Anti-Stick
• Thermal Overload Protection
• TIG Foot Control Compatible
• TIG Dial Remote Torch Compatible


  • The all NEW BlueVENOM XF190 is loaded with Xtra Functions that pack a serious sting to help you get your job done
  • 30% smaller than some other machines in its class and lighter in weight at only 9.5kg’s, the XF190 is an 3-in-1 multi-process welding machine with QuickSet Plate Thickness selection taking the guesswork out of welding!
  • Plate Thickness setting allows you to set up in a flash! There is no guessing the welding Use the QuickSet feature to set the machine to the correct plate thickness you are welding.
  • TIP: You can check the plate thickness with a measuring device, such as a ruler or vernier caliper. If two different plate thicknesses are to be joined, then add the two together and divide by 2 and use the average plate thickness as your setting
  • Navigate with ease through the bright blue 3” Sharp LED panel for superior clarity and ‘Plug n’ Weld’ using a 230V/240V 10 Amp plug to get you striking that arc in no time!
  • The XF190 can deliver awesome arc characteristics in the most popular processes of, MIG (QuickSet and Manual, Gas & Gasless), STICK (MMAW for Electrodes with VRD for extra safety) and TIG (DC Lift TIG) welding



  • QuickSet, simple to set & weld
  • Spool Gun compatible, great for Aluminium (sold separately)
  • Suitable for 100mm and 200mm Diameter Spools
  • MIG Gasless and MIG Gas Shielded
  • Bright Blue LED screen great for outdoor viewing
  • Fine tuning of Pre-Set Wire Speed & Volts
  • Full control over manual settings
  • Welding wire size selection
  • Recommended MIG & TIG welding thickness range 6mm – 10mm
  • Recommended STICK welding thickness range 6mm – 12mm
  • Factory Settings reset feature
  • You can weld most metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Bronze
  • CIGWELD have specially configured this machine to be able to produce great welding results from domestic household 230V/240V x 10A powe

    The BlueVENOM XF190 delivers a maximum output of 190 Amps DC in MIG and TIG Modes, which means the machine is capable of welding metals from 0.6mm up to 10mm. In STICK mode the machine is capable of welding metals from

    1.2mm up to 12mm in thickness.


    2x Roll All-Driven Wire Drive system for smoother and effortless feed ability.


    • BlueVENOM XF190 Power Source
    • CMGBZ15E3 MIG Gun 3m- Euro quick connector
    • Work Clamp with 3m Lead
    • Twist Lock Electrode Holder with 3m Lead
    • 2 x Feed Rolls: 8/0.9mm Gasless, 0.8/0.9mm Solid Wires (Fitted).
    • 2m Argon Gas Hose and Gas Regulator
    • Includes Nylon Inlet Guide for use on Soft Alloy Wires
    • Operating Manual


    2-Year conditional warranty. See terms and conditions at or in the Operating Manual, included with the machine.

    Register online for a 6 months extended warranty!



    BlueVENOM XF190 Package.
    P/N: W1400190