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Austfil Excel

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Austfil Excel

WIA’s new Austfil Excel is an all positional rutile flux cored wire specially selected for optimum useability under either Argon/CO2 or CO2 shielding gas mixtures. While the product offers exceptionally smooth arc transfer, the mechanical properties are also tested to meet the Australian market requirements. The wide operating window makes this product easy to use in all different welding positions.

Typical Applications

Austfil Excel is recommended for the welding of mild, carbon and carbon-manganese steels where good impact properties are required.

This high deposition flux-cored wire has been specially formulated to operate in a wider, more forgiving parameter range. It is suitable for general & heavy fabrication, structural steel fabrication, truck bodies, shipbuilding, earth moving equipment, storage tanks & bridge construction.


  • AS/NZS ISO 17632-B: T493T1-1 M A-U-H10, T493T1-1 C A-U-H5
  • AWS A5.20: E71T-1M, E71T-1C
  • E71T-9M, E71T-9C