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Ally 5 Cup For 17/18 Torches

SKU: Ally 5 Cup For 17/18 Torches
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This is for 17 and 18 torches only. It can fit on 26 but you may have to run without an insulator. All torches are slightly different especially when it comes to the 17,18,26 size torches because all the manufacturers have their own idea on construction and we cannot guarantee the insulator will fit on every torch made in different countries but the Cup will screw on and can be used.

The Ally5 cups is an AC/DC polarity cup and has an amperage rating of 200 amps,

IIt is made of Quartz laboratory grade glass and can withstand the high heat environments associated with welding on AC. Be careful not to slam cup and we do not recommend “walking the cup” with any Furickcups made of glass.

All glass cups are subject to pick up dirt and debris as are ceramic style cups. Use these accordingly and try to refrain from welding on dirty /oily applications that would spit back at glass and impede visibility.

Note only the Slit style collets will be compatible with the ally5 cups

Includes 1 cup mounted on collet body, 1 x 2.4mm slit style collet and insulator.