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LINCOLN Air Vantage 600X Plus

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LINCOLN Air Vantage 600X Plus

LINCOLN Air Vantage® 600X Plus


The New Air Vantage 600X Plus - 600A WELDER / 20Kw 50Hz GENERATOR / 60cfm 100psi COMPRESSOR all rolled into one extraordinary machine. Prepare to be amazed by its capabilities as it takes your on-site operations to new heights!


With up to 600 amps of DC Multi Process Welding power at your disposal, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Need a reliable source of three-phase power? Look no further! This powerhouse generator can generate up to 20Kw of pure energy to power your operations.

But wait, there's more! We've included a built-in Rotary Air Compressor, ensuring a continuous supply of 100psi air at an impressive 60cfm. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted productivity.

Rest assured, this powerhouse is designed to meet and exceed site requirements. It comes equipped with 50Hz Power, VRD and a Lockable Auxiliary Switch, providing compliance and peace of mind.

Powered by a robust 65.7hp Deutz® TD2.9L4 diesel engine, this machine is ready to conquer any task. And with patented Chopper Technology®, CrossLinc® Technology, and True Voltage Technology (TVT), you can count on advanced arc stability, a safer work site, and enhanced productivity, no matter which welding mode you choose – whether it's GOUGE, STICK, PIPE, MIG, FCAW, TIG, or PULSE welding.

Experience the epitome of Power, Versatility, and Productivity. Get ready to take your on-site operations to a whole new level with this 3-in-1 POWERHOUSE. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your work site. Empower your projects, boost efficiency, and unlock new possibilities with this extraordinary machine. Purchase yours Today!



  • High Output Multi-Process Welding – Offers up to 600 amps (IEC rated at 525 amps) of welding current to tackle numerous welding and carbon arc gouging applications. Select one of five basic process modes including CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, DC Touch Start TIG®, CV-Wire, or Arc Gouging mode, which maximizes output for up to 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) carbon rods.
  • Generator Output – Provides up to 20 kW of continuous 50Hz 415V 32A three-phase power to run industrial tools such as plasma cutters, pumps, or inverter welders. Also equipped with 2x 15A 240V all with IP66 Outlet Receptacles. Lockable Auxiliary Switch to meet site requirement.
  • Integrated Rotary Air Compressor – 60 cfm @ 100 psi of continuous compressed air powered by VMAC®
  • Patented Chopper® Technology – Experience optimised premium arc performance with minimized spatter for stick or pipe welding as well as enhanced gouging performance that prevents the engine from stalling, resulting in smooth material removal.
  • Expanded PULSE Welding Capabilities – Utilise customised modes for stainless, aluminium, and steel as well as advanced SAW and orbital pipe modes. Features pulse welding capability for better arc control in out-of-position work and low heat input for critical welds.
  • CrossLinc® Enabled – Allows communication through a standard weld cable to enable voltage or current control at the arc without a control cable to help improve safety, quality, and productivity with less trips to the power source and reduced jobsite clutter. Built-in True Voltage Technology™ (TVT) compensates for voltage drop to further improve operations.
  • Reliable Operations – Engineered tough and field proven for ruggedness and durability to meet the most challenging job site needs and harshest environments.
  • Industrial Diesel Engine – Powered by a 65.7 hp, turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine. Runs smooth and quiet while meeting Australian EPA Tier compliance.
  • Access to Engine Diagnostic Codes– Display on screen any diagnostic codes.

Service Information

What's Included

  • Machine Only


Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 1067 mm x 836 mm x 1753 mm (42 in x 32.9 in x 69 in)
Net Weight 787 kg (1737 lbs)


Machines Processes Stick (SMAW)
Gouging (CAC-A)
Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
Flux-Cored Self-Shielded (FCAW-S)
Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded (FCAW-G)
Submerged Arc (SAW)
IEC Rating 525A / 41V / 100% @ 104°F (40°C)
Max Rating 600A / 40V / 40% @ 104°F (40°C) @ 60Hz
Output Range by Mode CC-Stick: 30 – 600 A,
Downhill Pipe (CC): 40 –350 A,
Touch Start TIG: 20 – 350 A,
CV-Wire: 10 – 45 V,
Arc Gouging: 60 – 600 A
Open Circuit Voltage <32 Peak OCV @ 1800 RPM with VRD
66 Peak OCV @ 1800 RPM without VRD
Rated Gouging Carbon Diameter 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Machines Communication Technology CrossLinc
Wire Feeder Supply Voltage 115VAC
Amphenol Pins (type of connector) 5
Work Lead Connector Type Lug

Engine Driven Welders

Single Phase Auxiliary Output 12,000 Watts Continuous, 120/240V
Three Phase Auxiliary Output 20,000 Watts Continuous, 240V
Auxiliary Output Frequency 50 Hz
Engine Brand & Model Deutz® TD2.9L4
Engine Description 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Engine Horsepower 65.7 hp (49.0 kW) @ 60Hz
Engine Block Size & Displacement 178 cu. in. (2.9 L), Bore x Stroke - 3.62 in x 4.33 in (92 mm x 110 mm)
Low Idle Operating Speed 1525
Fuel Tank Size (US gal.) 25 US gal.
Fuel Tank Size (L) 94.6 L
Oil Capacity (qts.) 9.0 qts.
Oil Capacity (L) 8.5 L
Coolant Capacity (US gal.) 2.5 US gal.
Coolant Capacity (L) 9.5 L
Air Compressor Brand/Model VMAC® S700162
Air Compressor Description Belt
Rotary Screw
Air Compressor Output 60 cfm @ 100 psi (1.7 cmm @ 6.9 bar) @ 60Hz
Air Compressor Max System Pressure 150 psi (10.3 bar)
Air Compressor Protections Safety Relief Valve
High Temp Shutdown
Air Compressor Oil Capacity (US gal.) 1.1 US gal.
Air Compressor Oil Capacity (L) 4.0 L


Typical Application Construction
Railroad Maintenance
Construction & Field Erection
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Fabrication
Maintenance & Repair
Marine Fabrication & Repair
Railing Industry
Repair Welding
Structural Fabrication
Structural Welding


Warranty 3 Years Parts and Labor - Engine warranted separately by engine manufacturer. Compressor warranted separately by compressor manufacturer.