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3M™ M-Series Visor Coated Face Shield - Pack of 5 Part No. 895927

SKU: 895927
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Pack of five replacement coated visors to suit M-Series face shield.

  • Chemical and scratch resistant coating
  • Coating reduces the impact of general wear and tear on the visor screen
  • Suitable for use with the Versaflo™ M-Series face shield range
  • Come standard in a pack of 5 visors
  • Tear-off visor covers are also available pk=40 (part number M-928).



The M-927 visors provide excellent vision and a scratch resistant coating, for use with the range of Versaflo M-Series clear face shields. The scratch and chemical resistant layer reduces the impact of wear and tear on the visor, helping to increase its longevity.

These replacement visors come in a standard pack of 5