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Flash-Stop Green Welding Curtain/ Screen 1.8m x 2.7m


Flash-Stop  Welding Screens are the latest development in transparent welding curtains. 

The curtains provide protection from dangerous Ultra Violet radiation, from low to very high amperage welding, in excess of 1300 amps.

Tests conducted by the University of New South Wales Australia (test reports available on request), show that Flash-Stop welding screens provide superior protection from U.V radiation of all welding curtains tested, both from overseas and locally. 


Advantages of Flash-stop Screens

      • Transparent

  • Increases safety

  • Brighter and better working environment

  • Decreases arc glare

  • Nearby workers are protected and enjoy reduced glare

  • Eliminates “closed in” feeling

  • Suitable for use with high amperage MIG, TIG, ARC, PLASMA, GAS or other high amperage welding arcs

  • Provides more light into the welding bay

  • Excellent for large assembly areas

  • Increases supervision

  • Increases production

    Other Features

    New High quality plasticiser will maintain pliability of welding curtains in Winter

  • New formula improves resistance to low temperature and remains pliable to - 30oC

  • Fire retardant to Australian Standards AS1441.13

  • Exceeds requirements of Australian & New Zealand and European


    AS/NZS 3957:2014, EN ISO 25980:2014


  • U.V stabilised, the material does not crack or harden, even after prolonged use in - or outdoors

    Electronically welded hems, seams and eyelets

    Flash-stop Weld Screen Sizes

    Flash Stop Weld Screens have eyelets on all four sides standard.
    Curtains available in 30 standard sizes. Custom sizes made upon request.