Weldclass Promax 350 Welding Helmet - Fire Metal

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 The PROMAX 350 electronic welding helmet is suitable for MIG, Stick & TIG welding. Stand-out features include; 4 senors for reliable switching & a generous viewing area, larger than many other helmets in this class. Variable Shade 9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, Grind-Mode switch, replaceable battery, magnification lens holder & more. Comfortable, very lightweight & superior optics. 

 Enjoy a Generous Viewing Area - larger than many other helmets in this class (100 x 53mm)
 Ultra-Clear Vision
 4 Arc Sensors for reliable arc detection & switching

 Ideal for MIG & Stick Welding, also suits TIG applications down to 30 amps
 For: Light to Medium Fabrication, Rural, Maintenance, etc

 Functions: Variable Shade 9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, plus Grind-Mode switch (locks the lens in light shade)
 Warranty: 2 year/24 months - Up to 100% longer than other helmets in this class
 Viewing area: 100 x 53mm
 High-Impact tested and rated to Australian standard AS1337.1
 Auto-darkening lens complies with AS1338.1
 'Hinge & Lock' Lens Retainer System = Easy cover lens replacement, Seals tightly against spatter to prevent damage to electronic lens
 Magnification lens holder - takes standard magnification lenses
 Reliable Power Source: Replaceable battery plus solar assist, efficient electronics for low power consumption
 'Full Laminate' Lens Construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life. This is in contrast to cheaper lenses which are simply glued on the edge and, over time, are prone to contamination and failure.
 Lightweight, Durable and Shock Resistant shell
 Auto-on & Auto-off = No buttons to press, Hassle-Free operation

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