Price: $5,100.00

Collection: Welding Equipments,

Product Type: Pulse MIG Welders

Brand Name: Unimig

Product Description

• New "Plus Concept" Technology
• Latest European IGBT Inverter Technology
• High Speed Synergic Pulse Mig
• Synergic Mig Double Pulse
• High Speed Mig/Mag
• DC Tig with Manual and Synergic Programs
• MMA with Manual and Synergic Programs
• VRD Safety (Voltage Reduction Device)
• 2/4T Trigger Functions
• Up Slope - Down Slope
• Variable Start Current and Crater Current
• Simple selection of welding programs
• Simple interface for easy operation
• Accepts wide voltage supply variations (170-270V)

The MULTI-250K is the most powerful multifunction Single Phase System that state of the art technology can offer. An industrial machine with multiple welding functions including Pulse Mig, Double Pulse Mig, High Speed Mig, DC Tig, and DC MMA(Stick). User friendly programs with synergic function are provided for all the welding processes making it suitable for even the inex-perienced user. The Multi-250K encompasses all facets of the new PLUS CONCEPT technological development. PLUS CONCEPT is an innovative solution that is revolutionising the welding industry. Now, high effi ciency welding is possible with Gas Metal Arc Welding, Pulse Arc and standard applications. The forced dynamism of the PLUS CONCEPT achieves an ultra fast transfer droplet rate into the weld pool giving surprising results: it increase signifi cantly the welding speed (up to 45%) and, at the same time, it increases the penetration of the weld. Higher speed, better penetration and less spatter means less energy used during the deposit and reduced de-formation during the welding. Using the Double Pulse function provides the ability to produce welds with TIG like fi nish with excellent control over the weld pool. The Multi-250K is a professional industrial machine that is lightweight and has available an optional trolley with gas bottle support, being 230v single phase gives great portability, it can be run from any 15 Amp power socket providing more fl exible use for site and home workshop locations. Ideal for general engineers, boat building, sheet metal workshops, stainless steel fabricators, panel beaters, transport engineering and home workshops, Designed and built to meet with European norms conformity.

Power Supply / Phases 230v 1 Phase

Rated Power 9.1KVA

Welding Current - Mig 20A /14V - 250A /27.5V

Welding Current - MMA (A) 20A /21V - 220A /28.8V

Welding Current - Tig (A) 10A /10V - 250A /20.0V

Duty Cycle @ 40ºC 40% @ 250 Amps / 100% @ 160 Amps

No Load Voltage (V) 90V

Open Circuit Voltage (V) VRD On - 15V, VRD Off - 65V

I Max 37.5 A

Iieff 24.0 Amps

Tig Arc Ignition Lift Arc

Water Cooling Optional

Protection Class IP21S

Standards ISO/IEC 60974-1

Size (mm) 340 x 400 x 620

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